Half price Traveller fills will now be available for pick up at Braddon on Tuesdays rather than Mondays.

On the plus side this means you now get two days to come in and pre-purchase your half price fill on Sunday and Monday.

For those unfamiliar with this opportunity it goes like this.

  • Once a week we clean our beer lines.
  • By happy coincidence the volume of beer that needs to be drained equals the two litre capacity of a traveller flask.
  • Draughters members are invited to pre-purchase a half price traveller fill (from any of our beer lines, not the just usual ten taps on the Take Away Bar)
  • This means coming in on Sunday or Monday, dropping off a traveller and choosing from the beers that haven’t yet been spoken for (first in, best dressed), paying for it, and then collecting the flask on Tuesday.