Karma Keg for Dufruits Orchard

Tomorrow, Saturday 18 Jan, we’ll be putting on a karma keg at the Braddon brewpub to raise money for DuFruits, our apple supplier in Batlow.

Warren and his family, who own the DuFruit Orchards lost a large percentage of their orchard to the recent bushfire. The Duffys have been apple farmers since 1966 and estimate that up to 70% of their orchard is irrecoverable.

“The hardest part is the uncertainty, and the mental strain. We’re not sure how many trees will survive and there’s a 7-10 year turnaround on a tree before we can get a commercial yield. It’s not quite as simple as putting a tree in the ground – there’s irrigation, hail netting, fertiliser…,” said Warren Duffy.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow, I’ve seen hailstorms and with those at least you still have something to sell. There’s fifty years of work in these trees, and with the recent fires they’ve been destroyed in the space of just a few hours,” said Dennis Duffy, Warren’s father.

BentSpoke has committed to purchasing the Duffys existing stock of apples and will work with them to continue to support their rebuilding efforts in the coming months.

The karma keg will go on at 11am at the Braddon Brewpub, until sold out. All proceeds from the Karma Keg will go directly to the Duffy’s family farm, and back into the orchards they have held for over fifty years.

We’d love to see you at the brewpub tomorrow for a pint of cider, made from the very best apples in Batlow. #beerforbushfires