New Drifter Series: Big Nut

Our latest release is part of the Drifter series, a range of seasonal beers that drift in and out. Big Nut, a black IPA is the latest in the series; and it’s been a long time coming for customers at the brewpub.


“Big Nut has been one of our most popular winter beers at the brewpub,” says Richard. “Our Draughters’ members have been heckling us for years to put it in a can, and we’re really excited to be able to finally announce that Big Nut is canned!”


More than just the beer, Big Nut began its story at the Braddon brewpub in the most literal sense, a big nut used in a tap handle. Back when the brewpub was about to open, BentSpoke co-owners Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain were thinking about how to replace generic plastic black tap handles with ones that had a more industrial aesthetic.


Enter Peter Rogers, retired cartographer and master craftsman. A fan of Richard’s brews, it didn’t take much convincing, or too many beers to get him creating tap handles for BentSpoke.


Tap handles at the brewpub tend to have one of two geneses: Peter comes up with a design and Richard finds a beer to match, or Richard has a name for a new beer and sets Peter to work. The former is how Big Nut got its name (and here’s another trivia fact – how Red Nut came to be named too!)


Over the past five years, BentSpoke’s tap handles have become well-known in their own right with write ups in the several magazines, including Crafty Pint.  Peter has even won a silver medal for his custom hand-crafted tap handles at the Canberra woodworking show.


“Richard makes new beers quicker than I can make tap handles… he was making a new beer every fortnight!” Peter says. “It never was planned that I’d be doing so much, I was just going there to drink beer… But they have been fun!”


BentSpoke’s new beer, Big Nut is a big black IPA with roasty coffee and nutty, malty notes with resiny, piney and garlicky hops rounding out the palate.


Watch the video here.