The Innovator is here

We’ve always believe in bending the rules of beer, and with the help of the Canberra Innovation network – we’ve done it again. We’ve brewed an innovative new beer with local yeast captured from Canberra air, crickets, dried black soldier fly larvae and pear juice that claims to aid in preventing hangovers.

Brewed for the 2019 Innovation Showcase, ‘The Innovator’ aims to highlight innovation and test the possibilities of brewing using local and environmentally friendly ingredients. The naturally occurring starches and proteins found in the crickets and soldier fly larvae will be converted to sugar during the brewing process, reducing the amount of barley malt needed in a traditional brew.

“There’s a first time for everything and in my twenty-five years of brewing, I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve put crickets and larvae in my beer!” said Richard Watkins, co- owner and head brewer of BentSpoke Brewing Co.

Several local entrepreneurs and researchers were involved in the brew, making it a collaborative project:

  • ANU Research School of Biology – yeast harvested from Canberra air
  • FutureSuper Foods – cricket powder
  • Goterra – dried black soldier fly larvae
  • Prepear Drink Company – hangover relief product that uses the juice of the Korean pear to reduce the toxin Acetaldehyde in the body.

“The Canberra Innovation Network links science and research with businesses and entrepreneurs to enable growth. This is often achieved by collaborations to design new products and test how these will be received by customers. At this year’s Innovation Showcase the attendees will be able to ‘taste’ what we are all about.” said Petr Adamek, CEO of the Canberra Innovation Network.