The Designated Bitter only available at Canberra Cavalry games!

designated bitter decal

BentSpoke’s latest brew, the Designated Bitter, is going on tap this afternoon as the Australian Baseball League returns to Canberra.

Brewed with help from the Canberra Cavalry players and management, and named on suggestions from the public and a popular vote, the Designated Bitter is a full strength American Style Lager.

“It’s been brewed ultra-dry to deliver ultimate refreshment at the ballpark,” said BentSpoke head brewer and co-owner Richard Watkins.

The name was suggested by Penelope (PS) Cottier a well known Canberra poet who loves beer, and visited Bentspoke Brewing Co???s Braddon premises within a week of their opening.

When the chance to name a beer came along she jumped at the chance. Her knowledge of baseball is not so great, although she has attended several Cavalry games.

She researched baseball terms alphabetically, until she stumbled upon the designated hitter, between tucked bases and fouls.

More people will read the name ???Designated Bitter??? than usually read her poems, but if you want to sample them, go to pscottier.com